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    Ads: What To Include -- Where To Advertise
    Be Certain To Make Yourself Into Your Own In-House Advertising Agency
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    On Snapshots, Brochures & Scannings 
    What Surfaces You Should Consider Painting On And How To Photograph And Mail Finished Products (Materials, Mailing, Photos).
    What Customers Must Send To You For Inclusion In The Painting 
    Ok Things To Put Into A Painting, Even If You Have To Stretch Them A Bit
    Hints For An Interview If You Get One Face-To-Face 
    Miscellaneous Information But Still Very Important 
    Sample Cover Letter 
    More Example Paintings

    If you've got some talent for painting, and you're interested in, and have a good ear for, listening to people's life stories, there's no reason why you cannot combine these two talents and earn some money from the results.
    You can easily create and put together a big colorful painting (or collage) of a person's life; their trips, homes, cars, pets, family members, hobbies, planes, boats, honeymoons, graduations, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, births (all important occasions can be painted in,) businesses, foods, wines, happenings, etc. etc. etc. I've been doing it for well over 30 years and it's proved very lucrative.

    At first, you should do a few of these paintings to give as gifts and then photograph them so you'll have an inventory of photographs to show perspective customers. You should then spend a good amount of money to place an ad for this unique gift (and it is unique--no one on earth will have one like it) in a very good, high quality and widely read magazine. I chose The New Yorker and even though it's a weekly magazine, I would get enough business from one or two ads a year to keep me in business for twelve months.

    My book will explain to you how to advertise (what to say on the ad,) how to get the customer, how to talk with the customer, what you expect the customer to give to you---photos,  detailed descriptions, interviews whenever possible, what things they always forget to tell you about, etc.

    It will explain how to ship and what medium is best to paint the collage on (--lasts forever, looks perfect, is indestructible and mails easily.) I will even recommend paints.

    I'll explain how to charge your customer, what to get up front, what recourses you have if they don't pay the other rest. (You must have a written contract, etc.) This is a complete and very detailed accounting and How To of a career I successfully pursued all during our children's growing up years. The book includes numerous examples of paintings I've done over the years.

    ISBN 1-59630-007-4 This 130 page book, 11 X 8 1/2

    Also available on Kindle Secrets of How to Make an Interesting Living from Creating Biographical Paintings --in color for viewing on your PC screen.

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